Richmond, Texas

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Veranda is a 700+ acre master-planned community located Northwest of US 69 with entrances from Richmond Parkway and FM 762. The project falls within FBC LID 6 and is mostly located within FBCMUD No. 215, with a portion of the development in the City of Richmond City Limits. The community comprises single-family homes and includes regional detention facilities, a bridge over Rabbs Bayou, two sanitary lift stations, a recreation center, an elementary school, a recreational site with tennis courts, and a dog park.

This community is divided into two drainage systems, and each required its own separate Master Drainage Plan. Those plans were divided into several phases to accommodate the evolving needs of the development. A portion of the property is located along Rabbs Bayou, which allowed Costello to take an innovative approach to address the floodplain fill/mitigation and detention requirements. Situating the detention and mitigation ponds in the most efficient locations along Rabbs Bayou allowed this community to maximize its developable acreage. This system has 14 separate basins that serve a combination of detention and floodplain fill mitigation. In addition, Costello designed most of these detention facilities with a dual purpose, providing amenity features for the community. These features included a wetland channel replacing the standard pilot channel, rolling contours that accommodated sidewalks, trees, and pedestrian bridges with the system.

Relevant Project Services

  • Residential site development
  • Water, sewer, and drainage
  • Detention and paving
  • Channel design
  • FBCDD coordination
  • Surveying
  • Construction observation
  • TXDOT coordination
  • Coordinate with CenterPoint

Project Size and Cost

  • 707 acres
  • Estimated construction cost $65M+

Unique Project Attributes

  • The community consisted of projects reimbursed through the MUD, others through the LID, and several reimbursed by the City of Richmond. Required accounting of the project costs to be accurate and complete.
  • The project required coordination with CenterPoint Energy to cross their ROW with roads/utilities and to encroach with fill material.

Challenges Faced

  • Fast pace development with multiple sections of development being designed and others being constructed from the start of the project in 2016.
  • Adapted to changing drainage regulations to keep development. Implementing those with efforts to minimize the impacts to the overall development.
  • Coordination with neighboring existing residents during and after construction.

Resolutions & Results

  • 1,425 lots on the ground from 2016 - 2021
  • Reimbursements to our client by submitting seven bond issues for FBCMUD 215 and 3 bond issues through FBC LID 6.


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