SH 288 Design-Build Toll Road

Brazoria County, Texas

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Costello served as the Utility Design Task Manager (DTM) for the SH 288 design-build, toll road project located in Harris County, Texas. These improvements encompass a 10.3-mile stretch from US 59 to the Harris County line at Clear Creek.

The SH 288 expansion included:

  • Construction of four tolled lanes, eight new tolled direct connectors at Beltway 8
  • Construction of two new direct connector/ramp bridges at the Texas Medical Center
  • Reconstruction of all eight IH 610 Interchange direct connectors
  • Design, development, and installation of an Electronic Toll Collection System on the Toll Lanes in the project segments

Costello provided the following services:

  • Conduct meetings/coordination with the SH 288 design team and twenty-six (26) utility owners within the project right-of-way
  • Utility conflict identification, tracking, and conflict resolution
  • Provided utility relocation plans for twelve (12) developer-managed relocations
  • Identified and coordinated twenty-three (23) owner-managed relocations
  • Preparation of utility agreements for relocations and remain in place utilities
  • Prepare/coordinate two (2) TxDOT bridge attachment agreements
  • Approval of new utility installation requests during design and construction phases

Relevant Project Services

  • Utility Coordination/Agreements
  • Utility Engineering
  • Utility Relocation Design

Project Size and Cost

  • 10.3 miles
  • Estimated cost $900M

Unique Project Attributes

  • Design-build project
  • Bridge relocation with attached utilities

Challenges Faced

  • Unresponsive utility owner
  • Unknown utilities
  • Unpermitted utility installations during construction
  • Limited right-of-way for relocations
  • Utility identification in an urban corridor

Resolutions & Results

  • Seamless coordination negotiating relocation alignments, identifying unknown utilities, and working with unresponsive utility owners
  • Early investigation of issues, removing roadblocks before they became a problem
  • Successfully coordinated with the City of Houston and TxDOT, developing project-specific permitting processes to eliminate unpermitted installations


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