IH-10 Construction Management

San Antonio, Texas

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Costello is providing construction engineering, inspection, and testing services for this expressway expansion, including adding and reconstructing mainlanes, reconfiguration of entrance and exit ramps, improving overpasses and intersections, and conversion of frontage roads to one-way. Additional services include implementing quality initiatives as applied to heavy highway construction and manufacture of construction materials.

Costello is performing a comprehensive inspection and condition assessment of new construction and existing features. Additionally, we are evaluating design details with field conditions and making recommendations, considering public safety and long-term maintenance. Our team is identifying appropriate maintenance and repair of existing and temporary conditions during construction to minimize or correct deteriorating conditions.
As the Owner’s Representative, upholding engineering ethics and standards of conduct, Costello is providing the following:

Interpretation of construction drawings and specifications
  • Performing field inspection/testing and track work progress
  • Performing quantity calculations
  • Reviewing submittals
  • Initiating RFIs and approving field change orders
  • Managing testing frequencies
  • Resolving problems
  • Leading the work of professional and technical staff
  • Driving collaboration to ensure all aspects of the project meet the designed intent and purpose and are in conformance with the contract and specifications

Costello is using data management systems and other software to:
  • Prepare daily work reports and project correspondence
  • Track material placements and related quantities
  • Develop custom materials and testing tracking logs
  • Collaborate inspection and testing activities
  • Track acceptance information, disseminate compliance status, and resolve non-compliance issues
  • Provide additional custom applications as warranted by the project

Relevant Project Services

  • Construction Engineering Inspection and Testing

Project Size and Cost

  • 16.038 miles
  • Estimated cost:
    WA #1 CSJ 0025-02-215 - $140M
    WA #2 CSJ 0025-03-097 - $150M
    WA #3 CSJ 0025-03-101 - $210M

Unique Project Attributes

  • Construction Engineering Inspection team manages three separate and adjoining construction contracts phased where all three will be active at one time

Challenges Faced

  • Coordination among three separate contracts under our control as well as other active construction contracts that may be ongoing within the same vicinity


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