Harris County MUD 383 Lift Station Rehab

Harris County, Texas

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Costello provided complete planning, design, construction phase, and surveying services to rehabilitate the three primary lift stations that route flow from the 5500-connection master-planned development to the regional wastewater treatment plant.

The project included bypass pumping, wet well repair, recoating of wet well and piping, and miscellaneous piping and valve replacement for all three lift stations, based on the condition and capacity changes. Lift Stations 3 and 5 required pump replacements to increase pump station capacity, with Lift Station 3 being considerably larger than Lift Station 5.

In a later project, natural gas generators were added at all three lift station sites to improve system reliability in a hurricane or power outage event. Costello has also worked with the District and Operator to develop a regular capital improvement plan to stay ahead of the curve and address any issues with aging infrastructure before it becomes a more significant or costly problem. The collection system is on a regular phased program for cleaning, televising, and smoke testing the lines with spot repairs and rehabilitation implemented on the highest priority locations as needed.

Relevant Project Services

  • District engineering
  • Wastewater
  • Surveying
  • Planning and design
  • Construction phase services
  • Recoating & concrete repairs
  • Piping/Pump replacement
  • Capacity improvements
  • Flow diversion / Bypass pumping

Project Size and Cost

  • Three lift stations
  • Lift station 1: $98,000
  • Lift station 3: $180,500
  • Lift station 5: $97,500


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