GIS Mapping for Gleannloch Farms

Harris County, Texas

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Costello was contracted to prepare a geospatial database and mapping of the public utilities owned and operated by the District, covering over 1,800 acres. Web-based mapping applications were developed, providing access to the data from a web browser or mobile devices with cellular data connections.

The database and web applications are utilized for tracking repairs, maintenance, and inspections of the system’s components. Inspection reports, photos, and videos are stored in the GIS and are linked to the geospatial data, giving the facility operators remote access to the inspection information.

The GIS was configured to allow the inspection data to be updated remotely. PDF images of all construction drawings were stored in the geodatabase and made available through the web application. ESRI ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcGIS Online, and ESRI mobile apps were utilized for this project.

Relevant Project Services

  • GIS Mapping and Database

Project Size and Cost

  • 1,800 acres
  • Estimated cost $61K

Unique Project Attributes

  • Multiple phases of inspections
  • Multiple file types with large file sizes

Challenges Faced

  • Storing large video files within the GIS
  • Configuring web application to meet the needs of both facility operator and stakeholders

Resolutions & Results

  • Developed a system for uploading files
  • Developed a system of multiple map layers and symbology


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