FM 521 Water Plant Expansion

Pearland, Texas

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Costello provided planning and design for improvements at the City’s FM 521 Water Plant, a critical facility serving northwest Pearland. The project was completed in two phases at the City’s request.

Phase 1 added a new 3.0-million-gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank, yard piping, grading, and drainage channel improvements, tie-ins, demolition of an existing 15,000-gallon hydro-pneumatic tank, and the addition of mixers for all three tanks.

Special coordination was required to optimize the ground storage tank size with limited plant site access to provide the maximum water storage capacity possible per the City’s request (two existing welded steel tanks are 1.7MG each).

Phase 2 required special phasing to bring ground storage tank number three online and maintain service while replacing the motor control center and generator, adding five variable frequency drives, and replacing three booster pumps, including programming upgrades and fiber optic installation-related improvements. The project also involved coordination with ongoing water master-planning efforts and surface water plant construction to provide coordinated improvement recommendations.

Relevant Project Services

  • Planning and design
  • Booster pump station
  • Ground storage tank addition
  • Generator replacement
  • Booster pump, motor control center replacement
  • Construction phase services

Project Size and Cost

  • Phase I:  $3.1M
  • Phase II:  $1.9M

Unique Project Attributes

  • 3.0 MG AWWA D-110 GST
  • Five VFDs, 3 New BPs
  • New mixers in 3 tanks

Challenges Faced

  • Critical water supply service
  • Limited access/footprint
  • Replace entire plant motor control center
  • Replace three booster pumps
  • Change to five VFDs

Resolutions & Results

  • GST installed (on time/budget)
  • Pumps/MCC in January


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