Copper Bend at Indian Trails

Harris County, Texas

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Copper Bend at Indian Trails is a 64-acre single-family residential subdivision located West of Hwy 249 and North of Spring Cypress Road within NWHCMUD No. 5. It comprises three sections, a detention basin, and multiple park areas.

During the beginning stages of development, a Century Oak Tree was discovered, and the clients requested to save it.7gen, a division of Costello, designed a new land plan around the tree to incorporate it into a park within the community.

Costello designed all utilities, paving, drainage (detention pond), and added retaining walls around the tree to ensure its safety.

Additionally, Costello coordinated the preparation of plans for a left turn lane and existing utility, landscaping, and irrigation adjustments on Spring Cypress Road, a major thoroughfare, with dry utility companies, Northwest HC MUD No. 5, and Harris County.

Costello also coordinated with Trunkline Gas Company to cross the pipeline with all the utilities and paving. In order to keep the required clearances, Costello designed two storm sewer siphons under the pipeline.

Relevant Project Services

  • Water, sewer, drainage
  • Detention and paving
  • Surveying
  • Construction observation

Project Size and Cost

  • 64 acres
  • Final construction cost $4.51M

Unique Project Attributes

  • Saving a Century Oak Tree to be incorporated into the community.

Challenges Faced

  • Prepare drainage report to maximize discharge outfall to 3 different outfalls while minimizing detention
  • Upgrades to drainage system due to criteria changes (Atlas 14)
  • Coordinate with pipeline companies to cross easement with utilities and paving.

Resolutions & Results

  • Upgraded the detention pond and storm sewer to comply with Atlas 14.
  • Crossed pipeline with two storm sewer siphons and three streets.


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