Cloverleaf Phases 2-3-4

Houston, Texas

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Costello provided design and construction phase services for the reconstruction of 16 asphalt streets in the Cloverleaf subdivision in eastern Harris County. The area is a mature residential area with existing asphalt streets and roadside ditch drainage systems. There are scattered commercial development establishments within the area. The roadways were duplicated regarding asphalt paving widths, elevations, and materials. Those streets include Frankie Blvd., Beacon St., Cloverleaf, Nancy Rose Blvd., Manor St., Nimitz St., Muscatine St., McNair, and Garber Lane. The improvements for each identified street included:

  • Strip vegetation and material from the edge of existing pavement
  • Mill off existing asphalt surface from the roadway (anticipated 3”)
  • Stabilize the remaining base materials (to a depth of 10”)
  • Apply a prime coat
  • Apply Hot Mix Hot Laid Asphalt Concrete Surface (2 – 1 ½” lifts)
  • Dress up shoulders with previously milled asphalt
  • Place pavement markings on the new surface
  • Provide Traffic Control and Stormwater Pollution Prevention during construction

The stabilization of base materials, application of the asphalt concrete surface, and shoulder dress-up were performed. Standard Harris County traffic control details were utilized to allow for access to driveways and emergency vehicles, mail delivery, school bus routes, and pedestrian travel. Standard Harris County Stormwater Pollution Plan specifications and details were utilized to manage construction activities.

This project was financed with GLO disaster relief funding.

Relevant Project Services

  • Paving Design
  • Drainage
  • Utility coordination
  • Traffic control
  • Surveying
  • Construction phase services

Project Size and Cost

  • 16 asphalt streets
  • Phase 2 estimated cost $3.3M
  • Phase 2 final construction cost $3.0M
  • Phase 3 estimated cost $2.8M
  • Phase 3 final construction cost $2.3M
  • Phase 4 estimated cost $1.7M
  • Phase 4 final construction cost $1.7M

Challenges Faced

  • Driveway access
  • Neighborhood acceptance
  • Tight schedule

Resolutions & Results

  • Construction completed on time and within budget


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