Bridgeland Development

Harris County, Texas

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Bridgeland is a master-planned community located in Northwest Harris County, Texas. The development was designed in a manner to connect the residents with the natural environment surrounding the community. These natural features include parks, lakes, trails, and open space to enjoy. The Texas Association of Builders awarded Bridgeland as the 2015 Community of the Year.

Costello provides civil engineering services for this 11,400-acre master-planned community and has completed 70 projects for over 1,100 acres of the development. The scope of work has included residential design for 60+ sections, two lift stations, irrigation pump station, underground utilities and paving, make-up water well, three detention/amenity lakes, and a storm sewer system design for 271 acres. Costello has also collaborated with a landscape architect to assist in the creation of parks and open space reserves.

Relevant Project Services

  • Residential Development
  • Water, Sewer, Drainage, and Paving
  • Platting
  • Surveying
  • Construction Phase Services

Project Size and Cost

  • 1,100 acres of the 11,400-acre development
  • Estimated construction cost $60 Million

Challenges Faced

  • Emerald Lake’s mitigation will come from Langham Creek Phase 2 Detention.
  • Delays in approvals for Langham Creek Phase 2 Drainage Impact Study and Langham Creek Phase 2 Detention that our Parkland Village Sections depend on for approval.

Resolutions & Results

  • Costello proposed to HCFCD to convert Parkland Village’s Emerald Amenity Lake to temporary dry detention so that Emerald Lake plans could be approved before Langham Creek Phase 2 Detention approval.
  • Emerald Lake’s HCFCD approval allowed our Westgreen Section Blvd. Section 5, Summer Camp Drive, and Summer Camp Drive/Marvelous Place plans to be County-approved as these are key collectors/major thoroughfare components in Bridgeland’s southeast corner of the property.


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