Harris County, Texas

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Amira is a single-family residential subdivision located north of SH 99, South of FM 2920, and East of Mueschke Road within HCMUD No. 558. The development comprises eighteen sections, multiple detention basins, a lift station, a traffic signal, and a recreation center. Costello created a MUD (HCMUD No. 558) for this project, in which we serve as the district engineer. The project shares facilities with an adjoining MUD (HCMUD No. 542) and has three drainage outfall points: two to Willow Creek and one to Little Cypress Creek.

The land was an existing Arabian horse ranch with a state-of-the-art horse barn that has been converted into a recreation center for the community. Costello provided the site development of the recreation center.

During the beginning stages of development, Harris County worked on a Capital Improvements Project (CIP) project to widen Mueschke Road simultaneously as Costello was designing phase I of Amira. The Costello team coordinated with Harris County to incorporate an intersection for the Amira entrance in Harris County’s plan, including a median opening, left-turn lanes, and additional storm sewer. Once the CIP project was complete, Costello designed a traffic signal at the intersection of Mueschke Road and Amira Drive.

Costello also worked with CenterPoint Energy to coordinate their new gas line installation that bisects the project. Costello provided coordination for the locations of the proposed roadway, utility, and drainage crossings of the CenterPoint easement/fee strip to prevent costly pipeline relocations and delays to the development. CenterPoint constructed its pipelines at greater depths at these crossings to avoid potential future conflicts with the development’s proposed utility locations.

Relevant Project Services

  • Residential site development
  • Water, sewer, drainage
  • Detention and paving
  • Channel design
  • Surveying
  • Traffic design
  • Utility coordination
  • Construction observation

Project Size and Cost

  • 371.81 acres
  • Estimated cost $54M+

Unique Project Attributes

  • The existing operations building and horse stable were turned into the recreation center for the community.

Challenges Faced

  • Upgrades to the drainage system due to criteria changes (Atlas 14)
  • Coordinated with Harris County on Mueschke Road widening at the Amira entrance.
  • Coordinated with CenterPoint to assist in designing a gas line that bisects the project preventing impacts and delays.


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