On to New Beginnings

Apr 17, 2019

Message from Pam:

Nearly fifteen years ago I went to work for Costello doing Business Development. It has been a wonderful journey. I have loved getting to know so very many people in our industry, enjoyed my involvement with ACEC and numerous other organizations, been blessed with supportive partners, and developed many friendships along the way.

But, as my partners knew, my goal was always to retire at the end of 2018 to pursue a lifelong dream. As the date drew near, there was only one thing in the way...finding my replacement. I knew myself and I knew I would not be able to walk out the door unless I had confidence we had found the right person! It was not quite two years ago that a good friend introduced me to the woman who has now taken my place. He shall remain nameless, but I am forever in his debt!

At this point, you’ve likely met her and know that Kim Sachtleben is the right one to lead the Costello BD Team. I’m blessed to know her, and Costello is blessed to have her onboard.

Message from Kim:

I find it amazing, and frankly a bit surreal, that Pam and I had been in the very close-knit engineering world here in Houston for so long and didn’t know one another. Of course, we were doing different things, but in this community, everyone knows everyone – everyone that is except me and Pam! It only took one chance meeting for that to change and everything to begin to fall into place.

Prior to Pam and I meeting, I had spent over 20 years working in transportation planning across Texas and the southern United States, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Coming to Costello has given me the opportunity to focus on my local community. I hope to continue building on what Pam has established here at Costello and in the Engineering community. Her involvement in ACEC and her consistent support of women in our industry is certainly a great springboard for me and something I will continue and build on. I’ve been told numerous times I have difficult shoes to fill, and I would never disagree. I am so grateful of all Pam’s efforts and accomplishments as they have left me in a great position to begin my journey here at Costello. As I have stepped out of the purely technical role of transportation planning, and taken on the role of Business Development Director, I could not be more appreciative of her leadership, along with that of all our Partners, for giving me both support when needed as well as the freedom to allow me to chart my own path. And it’s all happening because I had the opportunity to meet Pam.

And… If we haven’t met, I hope we shall soon. I love to meet and get to know new people, you never know where that will take you.

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