Newly Promoted Assistant Project Managers

Apr 17, 2019

Costello is pleased to announce the promotion of these amazing, hardworking gentlemen to the their new positions as Assistant Project Managers.

James Parker, P.E., MBA has five years of experience in residential land development and municipal utility district engineering. He has assisted in the design of single-family neighborhoods, water line systems, sewer systems, storm sewer systems, lift stations, water plants, and roadways for various sized subdivisions in the Greater Houston Area, such as Sendero.

Ruben De La Rosa, P.E. has 11 years of experience in civil engineering, transportation engineering, and construction management. His duties have included design, review, and analysis for roadways, drainage, storm sewer systems, traffic signals, and traffic systems. He has performed reviews for traffic control compliance, agency coordination, utility coordination/relocation, construction supervision/management, and public information meetings and directed pre-construction/construction meetings with contractors.

Ariel Mejia, P.E. has five years of civil engineering experience, focused on land development, municipal utility districts and levee improvement districts. He has experience in the analysis and design of roadways, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, grading and earthwork, detention ponds, and lift stations. Ariel was recently named Young Engineer of the Year by the Houston Hispanic Architects & Engineers Society, Inc.

Marcos Wortley, P.E. has six years of experience in structural engineering including design and inspection of varying types of bridges, from timber structures to concrete bridges with aesthetics. Mr. Wortley has provided engineering and construction services for facilities including CMU buildings, lifts stations, pump stations, and outfall structures. His experience includes preliminary and final cost estimates, review and production of construction plans, coordination with survey crews, utility coordination, and construction phase services.

Allen Svadlenak, P.E. has seven years of civil engineering experience focused primarily on residential land development and municipal utility district engineering. He has assisted in the design of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, drainage, paving improvements, and wastewater facilities, as well as the preparation of engineering analyses, reports and cost estimates. Allen has worked on Woodson’s Reserve and Northgrove master-planned communities.

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