Party Like a Professional

Chad Hartmann, PE

Chad Hartmann, PE

Most people enjoy a refreshing adult beverage from time to time, especially when that is coupled with good company at an organizational or corporate event. Other times, it is a means to escape with your friends and relax from the stresses of the day, and to use a buzz word, manage that “work-life balance”. As such, although some of you probably think you were a professional party goer in your college days (I plead the Fifth) you haven’t had the experience of Partying Professionally. Let’s take a look at some aspects of what it means to Party Professionally.

As a starter, be mindful of what and who you are representing when you are out, whether it is a professional or personal setting. Imagine you are going out after work with some coworkers or friends, in your company’s branded shirt, and you find yourself imbibing on too many adult beverages trying to relive your college days. It is now much later in the night than you anticipated, and those drinks have started to take their toll. You attempt to use the restroom but now you are having a difficult time walking. It just so happens that you are at a location that some of your boss’ clients frequent and you bump into one on the way to the restroom. Not one to be rude you stop and talk to them as best you can, but it is obvious that you are having a hard time holding yourself up. This is only the second time you’ve met this client. You’ve now made a memorable impression on them but it sure isn’t a good one. I’d like to remind you that you are in your company’s branded shirt so the client, and everyone else who witnessed this event, knows where you work. Always know that when you go out in public, you are a representative of your company. Your actions will surely make their way back to the office and out into the professional circle. This doesn’t mean don’t have fun, please read a previous blog titled “Benefits of Successful Team Building” If you are looking for some ideas, but think about what you do and the consequences of that action before you do it. Remember that your actions outside the office also reflect upon your character and integrity. The same thought goes for social media, so check out the “Being Conscious About Your Social Media Presence” blog as well.


Now let’s talk a little about entertaining or attending a professional event or organizational get together. Most professional markets will have a very sizable turnout for an event hosted in a major city. This means many of your peers and current or potential clients will be in attendance. This is a golden opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with clients and start new relationships. Take advantage of those opportunities to mingle and make connections. If you intend to enjoy a quality distilled or fermented product, consider doing so in moderation, so you’ll stand a better chance to remember those connections and not the inevitable hangover. Remember to be as courteous and as professional as can be regardless of the setting of the event. As mentioned previously, you are not only representing yourself, but your company and coworkers. First impressions are rarely changed so strive to make them a good one!


Now it’s your turn! Give us some feedback on what you think it means to Party Professionally. What other suggestions can you offer in the comments section below?


Chad Hartmann, PE

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Written by Chad Hartmann, PE