Remote Sensing Applications in GIS

Apr 16, 2016

Chris Shannon, P.E., CFM
Division Manager - Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide the ability to build and maintain an inventory of anything on the earth or any information that is tied to a location. One may ask the question – Why is GIS important? Simply put, because location matters.  View Full Post

Using GIS to Facilitate Development within Floodplain

Aug 29, 2014
Using GIS to Facilitate Development within Floodplains

Lacey Bodnar, E.I.T., CFM  

and Chris Shannon, P.E., CFM

Using GIS to Facilitate Development within Floodplains


The demand for new homes is increasing as Houston’s economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Locations next to a creek, stream, or lake are attractive sites, as access to water provides many recreational and enjoyment opportunities. However, these days it’s nearly impossible to find land that does not contain a floodplain within its boundaries.  GIS is utilized to facilitate safe and cost-effective development on lands encumbered by flood hazard risks, allowing for safe and sustainable growth in our region.

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