Utility Districts

Our tenured staff provides a broad range of engineering services for municipal utility districts. Our experience includes feasibility studies, alternative analyses, district creation, permitting, detailed design, and construction phase services for these districts.

Our Utility District Engineering services encompass the following disciplines:

  • Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  • Drainage and Flood Control
  • Streets and Roads (where Road Powers exist)
  • Surveying , Right-of-Way, Construction Staking, and Easement Services
  • Construction Phase Services: Contract Administration and Observation

New Districts - Costello assists the District’s attorney with the creation of the District and is responsible for preparing the District Creation Report, outlining all of the necessary improvements and their respective construction costs to determine the amount of bonds to be voted. These costs are then used to analyze the District tax rate. We work closely with the developer and all the District consultants to ensure a timely creation of the District and serve as the developer’s engineer on development within the District.

Mature Districts - Older, more mature districts may be either completely built out, with no developer activity whatsoever, or they may still have significant commercial/multi-family tract development ongoing. In this latter case, Costello often acts as both the District engineer and the developer’s engineer because the developer finds it both convenient and efficient to work with the District engineer. We are experienced in balancing both roles and understand the need to act on behalf of both parties in a fair and equitable manner.

Surface Water Conversion - Another critical issue for Districts, no matter what their age, is surface water conversion. We have completed numerous plant conversions for our existing districts.