We provide a complete range of transportation engineering services, from local thoroughfare reconstruction / new construction projects to major freeway and interchange design.  We have worked for and with local transportation infrastructure owners including TxDOT, BCTRA, FBCTRA, HCTRA, METRO, and Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris, and Montgomery Counties.

    These projects have included new construction; neighborhood street reconstruction, widening and rehabilitation; grade separations, freeways, toll roads, multi-lane highways, interchanges, and FM roadways. Services for these projects have included feasibility studies, alternative analysis, hydraulic analyses, and the design of pavement, utilities, traffic control, bridges, utility relocations, sidewalks and construction management. Costello assists in the permitting process with regulatory agencies, with utility coordination and relocation, and also with public education/involvement meetings. We work with specialty consultants, such as environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, and urban foresters to offer a complete project team that meets the needs of each client.

    Transportation Services include:

    • Master Planning
    • Preliminary Alignment Studies
    • Preliminary Engineering Reports
    • Schematic Design
    • Geometric Design
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
    • Traffic Control Plans
    • Signal, Signage, and Pavement Marking Design
    • Final Plans, Specifications, and Estimates
    • Structural Design for Bridges and Culverts
    • Multi-level Interchange Design
    • Utility Coordination and Relocation
    • Right-of-Way Determinations
    • Drainage Design
    • Hydraulic Impact Analysis
    • TDLR Coordination
    • Construction Management Services
    • Public Involvement
    • Surveying Services
    • FM 865 Cullen

      FM 865 Cullen

      Costello served as Prime Engineer for this 1.30-mile roadway reconstruction project for widening from a 2-lane asphalt roadway with shoulders to a 4-lane divided boulevard section. This project was a multi-agency collaboration that required agreements between TxDOT, Harris County, and the City of Houston. In accordance with TxDOT’s Local Government Project Procedures, Costello, Inc. developed this project from planning to construction. The schematic alternatives, right-of-way mapping, and drainage impact analysis were prepared and used in coordination with an environmental re-evaluation and subsequent public involvement to gain development approval from the FHWA. Design requirements included creating no negative impacts in this area sensitive to flooding. The proposed road profile was set to allow travel during a 100 year storm event having curb elevations above the existing roadway rights of way, thus creating a need for drainage swales behind the curb line. The PS&E preparation also included large box culvert conveyance, detention ponds, traffic signal warrant and design, sound walls, separate pedestrian and shared use paths, and utility relocations.

    • SH 288 T-Ramp - TRA

      SH 288 T-Ramp - TRA

      Costello served as Prime Engineer for PS&E preparation for an elevated T-Ramp allowing direct local access to the SH 288 toll lanes centered between existing SH 288 at Discovery Bay / Hughes Ranch Road. The project involved complex geometric and structural design of the elevated intersection, multi-agency and segment designer coordination, and collaboration with separate illumination and utility design firms. The T-Ramp provided for two-lane, two-way operation connecting the traveling public east and west of SH 288 with the BCTRA toll road. Tolling operations prohibited traffic from crossing SH 288 from east to west. Costello, Inc. met this requirement by designing traffic control features that forced eastbound traffic to turn left and westbound traffic to turn right at the elevated intersection without blocking southbound turning movements. The construction project included local street reconstruction, retaining walls, storm sewer conveyance, four signalized intersections, signing, and pavement marking.

    • Westpark Tollroad Design

      Westpark Tollroad Design

      Costello served as the Prime Engineering Consultant responsible for PS&E preparation for Segment D of this FBCTRA project that extends Westpark Toll Road toward the City of Fulshear, Texas. Phase One of the system extension is 4 miles of controlled access freeway from Grand Parkway to FM 1463. Segment D of this freeway reconstruction and extension project involved 1.4-miles of the Westpark Toll Road main lanes from the Grand Parkway to west of Katy-Gaston Road. It included a dual structure overpass at Katy-Gaston Road, retaining walls, reconstruction of existing FM 1093 as frontage roads, entrance and exit ramp additions, surface and storm sewer drainage design, and SW3P. Complex drainage patterns, restrictive outfall conditions, and limited Right of Way forced creative engineering including reverse-flow culvert conveyance, underground storage, and extensive traffic control accommodations. Costello prepared final roadway geometric design, intersection layouts and grading, stormwater detention, and permanent traffic control.