Subsurface Utility Engineering

Costello provides Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services from research, to the location verification of existing utilities. SUE is an emerging engineering process that has proven to be effective in reducing damage to utilities, utility related claims, construction delays, and risk to personal safety. Our SUE department integrates utility coordinators, utility design engineers, GIS developers, and surveyors who work seamlessly together in order to mitigate any risks associated with encountering unknown utilities at the time of construction.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Services include:

  • Record Research, Data Collection, and Data Management
  • Investigation of Surface Features
  • Surface Geophysical Methods
  • Utility Coordination
  • Conflict Identification and Analysis
  • Utility Conflict Resolution
  • Utility Design and Specification
  • Utility Relocation/Adjustment Plans
  • Relocation Verification
  • Utility Conceptual Plan
  • Assembly Packages
  • Permitting
  • GIS Utility Database
  • As-built Drawings