Structural Engineering

We offer a complete range of structural engineering services including design and detailing of concrete and steel, structural inspection, and rehabilitation of structures.

As a support service to both internal projects and to other engineering firms, our structural engineers design diverse types of concrete and steel structures for facility rehabilitation and new sites. They design concrete masonry unit and steel control buildings, concrete pads, foundations, lift stations, and various concrete tanks. Concrete tank design is performed for an assortment of purposes and shapes including circular tanks, rectangular basins, and elevated splitter boxes.

Bridges and culverts built at a new location or as a full replacement for an existing structure require diligent investigation of a variety of issues including roadway widths, horizontal clear zones, structure type, and cost. The structural engineers at Costello perform detailed design work on bridges of both steel and concrete of varying beam and girder types. Additionally, Costello offers in-house hydraulic and hydrologic modeling for bridges over waterways. This is important since determining the size of hydraulic opening is critical to the design. All of this data is collectively used to design a bridge that is accurately suited to the site.

Our structural engineers have designed numerous types of structures including:

  • Concrete pads
  • New bridges & culverts
  • Bridge widenings
  • Floodwalls
  • Levee structures
  • Drainage outfalls
  • Steel & CMU control buildings
  • Tank foundations
  • Steel pipe supports
  • Retaining Walls
  • Junction boxes
  • Water & WWTP facilities
  • Lift & Pump stations

Costello has recently expanded our structural expertise into upstream and downstream refineries, chemical plants, and other petrochemical facilities. Staff experience includes front end engineering design and detailed engineering of pipelines, storage facilities, pipe racks, concrete foundations, and loading facilities. For more information about our industrial services, click here.

  • FBCLID 2 Pump Station

    FBCLID 2 Pump Station

    Costello is the District Engineer for this Levee Improvement District which serves the development of First Colony. The District was created to protect 5,500 acres from flooding by the Brazos River. Drainage outfall is provided by two gravity flow structures during low levels of the river, and by two storm water pump stations when the river is in flood stage. These pump stations are an integral part of the LID 2 drainage system that protects over $4 Billion in assessed value. The project included design, management, and construction observation of a new Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) building to house new diesel and natural gas generators, the replacement of four existing large capacity pumps, the replacement of motor control center equipment, and the civil design of site improvements.

  • Grand Parkway Segment E

    Grand Parkway Segment E

    The Grand Parkway and US 290 Interchange is a critical component of Segment E of SH 99 which is a 180+ mile circumferential roadway.  Segment E is a 15.2-mile, 4-lane, controlled access toll road with intermittent frontage roads through Harris County, from IH 10 (West) to US 290.  Costello provided the design for the Eastbound-Southbound (EB-SB) direct connector and the SB Mound Road overpass for the interchange.  The 4,250 ft. EB-SB direct connector included steel and concrete superstructure.  The SB Mound Road overpass was over 300’ long and included provisions for up to a 5-lane expansion.  Services included structural analysis and detailing of continuous curved trapezoidal steel box girders, pre-stressed concrete U-beams, inverted-T cap beams, and drilled shaft foundations.

  • Springwoods Village Facilities

    Springwoods Village Facilities

    Springwoods Village is a master-planned mix-use community located in Spring, Texas. One of the main goals of the community is to utilize best practices in sustainable design and infrastructure. Costello worked with the developer to meet this goal as the District Engineer for HCID No. 18 and by providing innovative solutions to complex infrastructure issues. Services included structural design of the water plant, interim wastewater treatment plant, and three lift stations for this 1800-acre improvement district. The water plant facility included design of the control/pump building consisting of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU), structural steel framing, and translucent daylighting panels.