Levees, Dams and Flood Control Works

The Costello levee, dam and flood control works team has extensive local experience in the creation of levee districts, the design and construction of levee systems, the design of internal and external drainage systems to supplement levee system functions, the analysis and design of dams, including breach analyses and Emergency Action Plans (EAP), and inundation studies.

Costello’s team of engineers are experienced in downstream inundation analyses for existing dams, sheet flow areas and river overflow areas using cutting-edge software for modeling flood plains in inundation zones, shallow flooding and sheet flow zones (2-dimensional analyses). These capabilities are indicative of Costello’s innovative and forward-looking initiatives in flood control and floodplain management.

Costello engineers are experienced in pump station analysis, design and rehabilitation/upgrades, serving several levee districts in the Gulf Coast region. Typical levee district related projects include levee rehabilitation/raising, erosion prevention, channel side slope repair, channel bottom stabilization and levee and ditch inspections/evaluations.

Our levee/dam services are closely tied to our Hydrology and Hydraulics capabilities.

Levees, Dams and Flood Control Works include:

  • Levee Design
  • Pump Station Design and Analysis
  • Pump Station Upgrades / Rehabilitation
  • Levee/Ditch/Pump Station Inspections (USACE Levee Inspection System)
  • Interior Drainage System Design & Analysis
  • External Drainage System Design
  • 2-D Ponding / Sheetflow / Inundation Analyses
  • Fort Bend County LIDs 15 and 19

    Fort Bend County LIDs 15 and 19

    Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District Nos. 15 and No. 19 (LIDs 15 & 19) are Special Purpose Districts located approximately 25 miles southwest of Houston and encompassing 3,700 acres. Costello serves as Levee District Engineer for both of these districts which, together, form the master-planned community of Riverstone. The districts were created to provide flood protection from the Brazos River when in flood stage, and from high intensity localized rainfall events within the leveed area.

    LID 15 has approximately 175 acres of lakes and detention ponds connected via ditches, culverts and structures with outfalls into Steep Bank Creek, Alcorn Bayou and Snake Slough. LID 19 has 60 acres of similar drainage features which outfall into Steep Bank Creek. Improvements for the District included 34,000’ of levees, internal drainage channels and detention ponds, external drainage channels, a 60,000 gpm pump station and an 80,000 gpm pump station.

  • Orange County Levee System

    Orange County Levee System

    Costello served as Lead Levee Design Engineering Manager for this feasibility study of a new levee system to protect the Orange County, Texas area from future storm surge flooding, such as occurred in Hurricane Ike in 2008. We lead the multi-firm design team in determining several potential levee alignment alternatives for providing protection, while balancing socio-economic and environmental needs and concerns. We provided levee design criteria and guidelines to the team in order to develop preliminary right of way needs and construction cost estimates. Costello also developed a unique evaluation system to rank each alternative, considering many aspects of the project, including which considered traditional Benefit-Cost ratios, along with numerous other engineering and common-sense based variables to aid the project sponsors in selecting the most reasonable project for further study and design.