Land Planning & Landscape Architecture

Land planning often invites an either/or situation. Clients either get beautiful but impractical plans or lackluster layouts that are well designed. Rare is the firm that can offer the best of both. And without such an option, you’re left with several rounds of redesigning and lost time and money.

What’s most needed today is a comprehensive solution – a partner with a track record of viability and creativity, who understands that when land planning and landscape architecture are based on sound engineering principles, the results are enduring developments with values that last.

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To that end, 7gen has come into being. A division of Costello, Inc., 7gen Planning offers comprehensive, sustainable, engineering-based designs that are a treasure to behold. What has emerged from this natural synergy is a different type of land planning company – one that is as construction-minded as it is creative. By offering a comprehensive solution to land planning and landscape architecture, and with a focus on sustainability at all levels, 7gen Planning is committed to doing projects right today so that they will last beyond tomorrow.

Landscape Architecture

Beauty today, in the eyes of those still to come.
7gen excels in landscape architecture that marries bold, eye-catching design with careful research, preparation and management, resulting in a well-planned union of natural and manmade elements. With a balance of artistic and technical skills, along with scientific, cultural and political expertise, we demonstrate a strong concern for the stewardship, conservation and balance of natural, constructed and human resources. The resulting environments don’t just enhance our view for today, they also serve useful, aesthetic, and enjoyable purposes as well as the promise of respecting our land’s resources for tomorrow.

Land Planning

Right from the get-go.
7gen develops land plans that provide options for clients to manage the development of their land while furthering the welfare of communities. We strive to meet these objectives with every plan by conducting a systematic assessment of the sites potential, safeguarding the community’s natural resources, identifying alternatives for land use, and optimizing economic and social conditions. This process is used to select and present the best land-use options to our clients. The culmination is a plan that provides for sustainable, and attractive environments for present and future generations.