Employee News

CI Announces Five New Principals of the Firm

Keith Billé, P.E. has over 28 years of civil engineering experience in both municipal and land development engineering. Since joining Costello in 2003, he has worked as a senior project manager on residential land development projects. His experience includes all aspects of land development engineering including planning, design and construction contract administration for street, drainage, water and wastewater improvements, as well as flood protection and storm water detention facilities. His earlier municipal experience and extensive land development experience, as well as his commitment to client satisfaction, make Mr. Billé a valuable asset to our leadership team.


Ron Dechert, P.E. - At Costello, Inc., we believe in “growing” our future leaders.  Mr. Dechert began his engineering career with Costello eleven years ago and is evidence that our business model works. During that time, he has developed into an excellent project manager, in the land development division, with the ability to keep projects on schedule and on budget. His experience includes the design of water, sewer, drainage, and paving improvements for subdivisions, off-site drainage improvements, lift stations and levees, as well as Municipal Utility District creations and bond applications. Mr. Dechert brings both experience and energy to our management team.



Corbett Freeman, P.E., LEED Associate joined Costello, Inc. in 2007 to begin a structural design division within the firm. He has 18 years of experience in structural design, including the analysis and design of over 90 bridges and the inspection and rating of more than 300 bridge structures.  Mr. Freeman’s experience includes both design and management of projects ranging from multi-level interchanges to off-system bridges.  Since joining Costello, he has also been responsible for structural design of lift stations, plants, storm water pump stations, and flood walls, in support of our land development division. Mr. Freeman’s professional reputation and zest for his department’s growth make him a valuable asset to our leadership team.


Richard "Rich" Gallegos, P.E. serves as manager of our Hydrology & Hydraulics Division. He began with Costello in 2011, bringing over 16 years of civil engineering experience in the field. His areas of expertise include storm water impact evaluations and management, 2D and dynamic modeling, steady and unsteady state hydraulic modeling, low impact development (LID), water quality, and FEMA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permitting. Mr. Gallegos’ technical expertise, responsiveness to client’s needs and commitment to the company’s business development program have made him an invaluable asset to our firm.



Dustin O'Neal, P.E., LEED Associate began his engineering career at Costello, Inc., eight years ago. His engineering experience includes all of those services related to land development including drainage and paving design, utility design and construction management. During his time at Costello, he has proven himself to be not only an excellent engineer but also an outstanding Project Manager with unique client relation skills and a vision for the company’s future. Mr. Oneal’s enthusiasm for his job, ability to “think outside the box”, and dedication to his clients’ needs make him a valuable asset to our management team and for the company’s future.