A Word From Our President - A New Chapter For Costello

Mar 17, 2015

Steve Costello, P.E.

It is with a touch of sadness, but mainly excitement for the future, that I pen this Email blast. As many of you know, I am running for Mayor of the City of Houston in the November 2015 election. For this reason, I divested myself of my remaining stock in Costello at the end of 2014 and will be resigning my role as President effective April 1, 2015. I am remaining on the Board of Directors of the company, as ownership is not a requisite for that position and my former partners have asked me to remain.

The fact that I am no longer President will truly have no impact on the operations of the firm. The Costello Team has been managing beautifully without me for the last 5-1/2 years, as I became more and more involved with my role at the City.  Just ask my former partners how often they have seen my face during this time and they will jokingly reply “Steve who?” Ralph Wissel has been our Executive VP and Chief Operations Officer since 2003.  He was managing the day to day operations of our firm long before I began my campaign for Council in 2009, and has done an outstanding job.  He will continue to serve in this role, working alongside our new president, as he did with me.

When my decision to run for Mayor solidified eighteen months ago, our shareholders met to discuss the right person to take on the role of President. We all agreed that the right person needed to have an excellent understanding of our company culture, a vision for our future, the loyalty and support of our employees and a visible presence in the engineering community. There was immediate concurrence on who that person was. Although his presence in the community was minimal at the time, he was up to the charge and we have been getting him “out and about” as much as possible since then, including taking on a leadership role in ACEC. I’m sure that many of you thought he was being groomed to take over Pam’s role in Business Development but, alas, it was actually to take over mine!

If we’ve done our job well in the last year, you may already know our next President. If you have visited our website recently, you have seen him, as he did a video on our Best Place to Work awards and why they are important to you, our clients. If you do not know Dustin O’Neal, we invite you to call him and set up a meeting. Once you know him, you’ll agree with us that he is the right man to lead Costello through the next chapters of our corporate story.  Yes, Dustin is fairly young but he understands our business and is supported by 20 partners who believe in him. We have never been a company run by a single person or group of two or three; we collaborate on all major decisions. That collaboration and team environment is why our success story has continued, even though I’ve been gone, and why we expect it to continue for years to come.

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