Leaning In: Women Mentoring Women

Sep 28, 2018

Pamela B. Puckett, P.E.

When I began working for Steve Costello in 2004, I had women come in and ask me for professional advice. I was a little overwhelmed since I was just returning to the industry after an 18-year sabbatical!! Realizing I didn’t have all the answers, I sought to provide a forum for our young women to ask those tough questions of other, more experienced women in the industry. View Full Post

Tips for a Successful Career Fair

Sep 27, 2018

Cameron Shoaee, E.I.T.

To some, the thought of attending a career fair is a dreaded task. It always seems to fall in line with the time you have two tests to prepare for, a project due, and when you need to prepare for the rest of the responsibilities that come with being a college student. I have compiled a few simple guidelines to follow that will prepare you to land the dream job you’ve always wanted. View Full Post

ABC's of Leadership - A Is For Awareness

Sep 22, 2018

Guest blog by: E. Elizabeth Carter

Before one can become a leader, it is imperative to be aware of one's own self. Too many leaders are not aware of how they behave and then are surprised when their interactions and relationships with others are not as fruitful as they can be. In addition, the way these leaders perceive themselves under normal circumstances and under stress are not necessarily the way others perceive them. View Full Post

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